Through his unique, triumphant story of surviving two heart transplants and a kidney transplant at age twenty, Bill Coon shares with students how he managed to turn a near death experience into not only a career, but a platform that has inspired thousands globally and a nonprofit that provides financial assistance to families across the United States.

In his presentation, Bill shares his experiences from both his medical and entrepreneurial journey to teach students how to overcome adversity, develop a proper work/life balance, and how to pursue one’s passion post-graduation.

Bring in Bill for:

  • Campus-Wide (Campus Activities) Events
  • Welcome Week/New Student Orientation
  • Greek Life Events
  • TEDx Lectures
  • Entrepreneurship Conferences
  • Student Nursing/Medical Student Summits
  • Organ Donation Awareness Events
  • Student Leadership Events
  • Public Speaking Workshops
  • Master of Ceremonies Opportunities