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Selecting a speaker for an annual or large-scale event can be a challenging process. You want a speaker with a unique story, but also one who can relate to the diverse perspectives and needs of your audience.

Bill’s engaging presentation impacts all audiences. With his customized approach to every presentation, Bill will invigorate your audience’s morale, encourage stronger communication, and help all in attendance rediscover the importance of a proper work/life balance.

Is your company launching a new product? Do you need to inspire your sales team to reach their goals? Are you looking to connect with Millennials or simply treat your employees to an exciting and motivating afternoon conference? Bill can do it all!

See below for all the ways Bill can help your business refocus, reconnect and inspire their employees!


Medical and Pharmaceutical
Product Launches:

Launching a new product is an enormous undertaking for any company. After the countless hours of researching, developing and planning, the final step is to make sure your sales staff is ready to properly communicate your latest venture to your target consumer.

You want your team prepared, but you also want them motivated. What if you could inject emotion into your sales team’s conference and provide them with a face and story of an individual who will benefit from their hard work? 

Interested? Contact Bill today for a sample outline of your next meeting’s agenda to see how Bill’s story fits your next product launch!

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Connecting with Millennials:
Finding Long-Term Gratification:

Who better to connect with Millennials than a Millennial?!

While the Millennial generation has many attractive qualities, such as their adaptability to new technology and their innate ability to multitask, one of the biggest knocks on Millennials is that they require instant gratification and praise.

In Bill’s presentation, he utilizes his experience of growing Keep Swimming Foundation to a nationally recognized and respected nonprofit organization to teach Millennial audiences how each day is a step towards achieving something greater and larger. Through this customized presentation, Millennial audiences will leave with a better understanding of goal setting, time management and how focused efforts over a long period of time can lead to internal satisfaction.

Every presentation is customized to fit the needs of your corporate function or annual association event!

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