Kathy Deloplaine
Assistant Vice President of Cardiovascular Services,
AnMed Health

"I cannot emphasize what a huge impact that he had on our audience of healthcare providers (physicians, nurses, technologists, pharmacists, etc.). Bill's story, which he told with passion and humor, reminded all of us why we are in our chosen profession, and that patients feel the impact of our actions long after they have left our care. I had attendees approach me after Bill's talk to thank me for bringing him to the conference. Many of them were brought to tears by his story... Bill is an outstanding speaker and an even better person! He knocked it out of the park! I strongly endorse him as a speaker."


Stephanie Milon-Barton
Exercise Physiologist,
Arizona Society for Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation

"It was truly a privilege to hear him speak. His message was so powerful to our group of healthcare workers. After he spoke, I loved walking around the room and hearing attendees talking about the impact it made on them. Even at work today, I find myself and other co-workers that attended still talking about him. Bill Coon is a dynamic speaker that will leave a lasting positive impression!"


Jade Wright
Past President,
Michigan Nursing Students Association

"Bill spoke as a keynote at our 67th Annual Convention. It was an honor and privilege to work with him for the past year leading up to this point. He is extremely kind, energetic and passionate about his cause and that comes across the stage as he paints a vivid picture of his life. Many of the attendees stated that he was so moving they did not know whether to laugh or cry! The audience was hooked on his every word! My faculty advisor stated 'It was the best keynote speech I have heard in three years!'. I highly recommend Bill for any speaking engagements!"


Karen Thurston
Broken Hearts of the Big Bend

“If you have the opportunity to bring Bill Coon to speak to your group, do it. Whether your audience is older adults or young kids, whether he’s addressing a group of entrepreneurs or heart patients, Bill’s message will resonate. His presentation and delivery style will entertain you, and his story of will, determination, survival and success will inspire you.

And if it doesn’t? Check your pulse.”

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