Episode 3:

This week's guest is Jay Austin. Bill and Jay discuss the Minimalist lifestyle, how he purged much of what he owned, moved into a tiny house and how he is now living off the grid for the next several years! Jay is currently biking around the world with his girlfriend as he strives to achieve a life of Minimalism and happiness.

About Minimalism:

Minimalism is a lifestyle in which an individual removes unnecessary items from their life in an attempt to better themselves and focus on what truly matters to them.

About Bill:

Bill Coon is a two-time heart transplant recipient, kidney recipient, author, professional speaker and patient advocate.

After being diagnosed with end-stage heart and kidney failure in 2009, Bill later spent 70 days in the Intensive Care Unit of a Chicago hospital waiting for the gift of life. While he waited, Bill wrote a journal each day with the hope of someday creating a book that would serve as a support system to anybody who was ill. That book later became SWIM: A Memoir of Survival, an international seller that has aided thousands in overcoming the mental battle of various illnesses. Bill later went on to become a patient advocate and sought-after speaker who uses his story to inspire thousands each year.