In 2014, after backpacking in Sri Lanka, Janey Lowes learned of a large population of dogs living in poor health and under terrible conditions on the island. Being a trained veterinarian, she returned home to the United Kingdom, where she formed the nonprofit organization, WECare Worldwide. She returned to the island shortly thereafter and has made it her life’s mission to care for the dogs in Sri Lanka.

About WECare Worldwide:

WECare Worldwide is an organization that provides free veterinary care to animals in need worldwide. Ultimately, WECare Worldwide plans to extend veterinary services around the globe but, right now, they are concentrating on tackling the issues with the street dog population in Sri Lanka. It is estimated that there are up to 3 million street dogs in Sri Lanka. WECare Worldwide is in the process of carrying out a 5 year plan, in which they will look to help eliminate rabies in the country and also humanely reduce the number of unwanted street dogs.