Judith Newman, author of the acclaimed book, To Siri With Love, joins Bill to discuss the inspiration for her latest book, her son Gus. Gus, who has Autism, developed a relationship with Siri, Apple’s automated assistant, who helped enhanced his communication skills and allowed him to strengthen his relationships with his family and the people around him.

Judith also discusses her life and how she balances a successful writing career with being a mother.

About To Siri With Love:
To Siri with Love is a collection of funny, poignant, and uplifting stories about living with an extraordinary child who has helped a parent see and experience the world differently. From the charming (Gus weeping with sympathy over the buses that would lie unused while the bus drivers were on strike) to the painful (paying $22,000 for a behaviorist in Manhattan to teach Gus to use a urinal) to the humorous (Gus’s insistence on getting naked during all meals, whether at home or not, because he does not want to get his clothes dirty) to the profound (how an automated "assistant" helped a boy learn how to communicate with the rest of the world), the stories in To Siri with Love open our eyes to the magic and challenges of a life beyond the ordinary.