Social Entrepreneurship Workshops:

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Many college students have a great interest in philanthropy and social reform. Unfortunately, many students are incredibly overwhelmed by the business end of managing a nonprofit organization. Their angst causes them to put their dream aside as opposed to creating change on their campus, in their community or in their local and federal government.

In Bill’s presentation, Bill walks students through a step-by-step approach to creating a nonprofit organization, citing real world examples that he faced while launching Keep Swimming Foundation and the steps he took to raise just under $100,000 in the foundation’s first year.

In his workshop, Bill will take complex ideas and government terminology and break them down into simple and easy to understand concepts so that students can walk away feeling informed and capable of making a difference in the lives of others.

In this workshop, Bill will discuss:

• IRS paperwork and the first steps towards filing to become a recognized charitable organization

• Building a reliable Board of Directors

• Developing a business plan

• Establishing a budget and balancing expenses vs charitable dollars

• Creating logical and fun fundraisers

• Managing volunteers

• Fostering relationships with donors

Each workshop can be held in 1-2 hour formats and will enable students to ask questions throughout.