Anne Marie.jpg

Anne Marie Mitchell
Columbia College Chicago

"Students were floored by his honest and frank storytelling. Typically, students can't keep their phones away for 10 minutes. I didn't see a single student move for the entire inspiring talk. Bill gave the students the confidence to pursue their passion and dreams!"

Lauren Napolitano_UF.png

lauren napolitano
Student activities director,
university of florida

"Bill Coon was an engaging, entertaining, and motivating speaker!  Bill was extremely flexible and easy to work with. His warm heart and kind understanding made him a joy to host at the University of Florida. I would strongly recommend Bill Coon to any business, organization, or university. His talk resonated with students, and all his testimonials are completely accurate. If you choose Bill Coon to present, you will not regret your decision."


Ashia Johnson
Former AMA President
Arizona State University

“Bill is a dynamic individual who captures everyone present in a room of any size. He exhibited such flexibility throughout the process up to minutes before his presentation. I would strongly recommend Bill for any future presentations. Bill is not only a fighter for one, but a team player who would compliment any environment.



Additional testimonials available upon request.